Danes Yard Tower, Sugar House Island / London
Timpuri Noi Square / Bucharest
Spa Hotel, Palanga / Lithuania
Spa Hotel Mera, Sopot
Student Residence / Dover Street, Manchester University
 This urban design study arose out of an initiative by the RIBA to examine and exhibit key aspects for improvements to the urban structure in Tunbridge Wells, Kent, the town in which ARC-ML has its studio. Received wisdom was that the town suffered from a linear arrangement which lacked cohesion. Our study took a key section of the linear arrangement, Mount Pleasant, which included the town hall in the north and the railway station in its south and set about creating a sequence of urban spaces which provided incident in the linear structure. We showed where squares should be formed or where development plots should be adjusted or where the addition of closures or new buildings would give emphasis and stages to the linear route. We also identified positions in the general area of the study in which sites presented themselves as potential development which would enhance the urban structure.  
Poortcenter / Delft